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This book is on Foreign Exchange Management. Under this book every concepts are explained in very simple language with some general life examples. Somewhere while reading this book you will find that this book is talking to you. This book is designed to help the students of CA, CS, CMA and MBA. What is forex market? How to calculate the forward rate? What is direct quote and indirect quote? What is arbitrage? What are theories for exchange rate determination? and other similar question will be answered by this book in very simple language.

Product: Book

Subject: Foreign Exchange Management

Format :  Pdf

Edition: First

Language: English

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Foreign Exchange Market book will be delivered in digital form in pdf format and not in physical form. Following are the contents that you will find in this book-
1. What is Foreign Exchange Market
2. Currency Codes
3. Currency Pair
4. Two Way Quotes
5. Exchange Margin
6. NOSTRO, VOSTRO and LORO Account
7. Cross Rate
8. Exchange Rate Determination
8.1. Interest Rate Parity
8.2. Purchasing Power Parity
8.3. Fisher Effect
8.4. International Fisher Effect
9. International Arbitrage
9.1. Covered Interest Arbitrage
9.2. Two Currencies or Geographical Arbitrage
9.3. Three Currencies or Triangular Arbitrage
10. Other Important Concepts


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